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Skin MEDICAL ROLLER 200 - microinfusion

High quality and resistant surgical stainless steel semi flexible microcannulas. It has its flexibility in the right measure.  Used for hyaluronic acid fillers and biostimulators.

The SK Roller 200 is a skin drug microinfusion device capable of inserting customized compounds directly into the required location more effectively and less painfully. With each press, 20 gold-plated titanium needles penetrate the dermis, creating hair-thin microchannels and releasing product. The physician must define which actives should be combined, so that compounds are specific to each treatment need. Solutions may contain substances such as botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid and vitamins.

The application must be done with light pressure of the bottle against the skin to be treated. With each pressure, equal doses of medication are injected into the skin and each area can receive reapplication of the compound up to 2 times in the same session.

For the patient, the great advantages are the speed of treatment and the quick recovery. As it is a non-invasive treatment, which does not cause bleeding or pain, the patient can resume their routine right after the session, which lasts an average of 15 minutes.

For the doctor, the speed of each session is a great ally, guaranteed not only by the practicality of the product, but also by the ease of combination of actives. Once combined, just screw the bottle to the tip and start the treatment.

Another safety factor for both parties is the guarantee in the quality of the sterilization, made by gamma rays, and the disposable use system.

The SK Roller 200 is a novelty in the Brazilian market, which came to speed up and facilitate aesthetic treatments such as microbotox, and is the only device in Brazil currently certified by Anvisa.

Available in 3 needle sizes:

  • 0.5mm

  • 1.0mm

  • 1.5mm

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