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Pistola para mesoterapia Meso Tech Classi em detalhes


Mesotherapy pistol

Meso Tech Classic is a mechanical pistol for mesotherapy. It's lightweight (only 320 grams), compact, easy to use and maintain. Use sterile and disposable kits. The use of these kits is a guarantee of safety and time savings for the practitioner, limiting the risks of contamination.

After adjusting the needle injection depth, it can operate in one-to-one application mode, just by simply pressing the gun on the skin, and/or in continuous injection mode, by manual action on the trigger.

aesthetic medicine, null cannula, plurial, support wires


  • Greater agility and precision in applications:

  • Use in multiple applications;

  • Ease of maintenance;

  • Use of sterile products;

  • Support in Brazil.

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